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Shipping & Returns

Place and time, usually 2-4 weeks after each sale of our Flash-based estimates, to store the things we need and sell our products. The reason is that in the medium term, of course, the seller will provide opportunities for our members and the need for service orders.

Royal Mail or e-mail, depending on the size and value of the equipment orders are usually sent or transported. This option allows you to select a cash, delivery and delivery + deal.

International Royal Mail or Mail and Local Postal Service "last mile". If condition

Our Minister Day maximize our boat, so you want to find a recovery program, send us an email and we'll see what can help.

Until you are fully satisfied for any reason, do not buy a tool, you can not. You can discuss with the intention of re-emphasizing you have to wait for 14 days.

Store security within seven days of receipt as soon as possible to get it back to refund where it may take a few weeks to implement and clarify. The rest is processed in the first deposit to refund, we will send you an email back.

If not, our store, make sure you talk with us e-mail and again.

Can be sold, and the internal mail package CN22 provides a smooth transition from the British to normal operation is the European Union can be ordered from the outside. There is no charge. And part of the set "Up" I think this letter.